Abbie Jung
Ms. Abbie Jung
Synergy Social Ventures and Nexus Asia, Hong Kong
Aditi Tembe
Ms. Aditi Tembe
Equal Community Foundation, India
Amra Naidoo
Ms. Amra Naidoo
Head, Media & Corporate Partnerships
Singapore Committee for UN Women
Angela Hariche
Ms. Angela Hariche
Director, International Data Relations
The Foundation Centre, USA
Annie Yeo
Ms. Annie Yeo
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Asia
Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore
Audette Exel
Ms. Audette Exel
Founder & Chair
The ISIS Foundation, Australia
Augusto Ponciano I. Carpio III
Mr. Augusto Ponciano I. Carpio III
Executive Vice President & COO
Aboitiz Foundation, Philippines
Benedict Cheong
Mr. Benedict Cheong
Temasek Foundation Singapore
Bhavani Prakash
Ms. Bhavani Prakash
Green Collar Asia & Eco WALK the Talk, Singapore
Carl L. Liederman
Mr. Carl L. Liederman
Founder & CEO
LIEDERSHIP, United Kingdom
Carol Candler
Ms. Carol Candler
Voluntary and Philanthropy Sector Advisor
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
Cherie Nursalim
Ms. Cherie Nursalim
Executive Director
GITI Group, Indonesia
Christy Abraham
Ms. Christy Abraham
International Co-ordinator for Women's Human Rights
ActionAid International
Clair Deevy
Ms. Clair Deevy
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Microsoft Asia Pacific, Singapore
Crystal Hayling
Ms. Crystal Hayling
Board Member
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
Elisa Kang
Ms. Elisa Kang
Benefiit – An Association for Impact Investing, Singapore
Elizabeth Nair
Ms. Elizabeth Nair
Programme Associate
COMO Foundation, Singapore
Essa Al Mannai
Mr. Essa Al Mannai
Executive Director
Reach Out To Asia (ROTA)
Fernando Zobel de Ayala
Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala
President & COO
Ayala Corporation, Philippines
Francis Wong
Mr. Francis Wong
Regional Director, Asia Pacific
Alzheimer's Disease International, Singapore
Gina Dafalia
Ms. Gina Dafalia
Policy and Research Manager
Walk Free Foundation, Australia
Hagar International
Hagar International
Heather Grady
Ms. Heather Grady
Senior Fellow of Global Philanthropy
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, USA
Huyen Nguyen
Ms. Huyen Nguyen
Thriive Hanoi, Vietnam
Jane Binks
Ms. Jane Binks
Director of Philanthropy
National Heritage Board, Singapore
Jeffrey Falkenstein
Mr. Jeffrey Falkenstein
Vice President of Data Architecture
The Foundation Center, USA
Jennifer Alcorn
Ms. Jennifer Alcorn
Senior Programme Officer
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Jenny Santi
Ms. Jenny Santi
Philanthropy Advisor & Author
Saint & Partners, Singapore
Jolovan Wham
Mr. Jolovan Wham
Executive Director
Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), Singapore
Jose Luis Oquiñena
Mr. Jose Luis Oquiñena
Executive Director
Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Inc., Philippines
Kathy Lai
Ms. Kathy Lai
National Arts Council, Singapore
Kok Heng Leun
Mr. Kok Heng Leun
Artistic Director
Drama Box Ltd, Singapore
Laurence Lien
Mr. Laurence Lien
Community Foundation of Singapore
Lisa Genasci
Ms. Lisa Genasci
The ADM Capital Foundation, Hong Kong
Li Wangsheng
Mr. Li Wangsheng
ZeShan Foundation, Hong Kong
Lynda Hong
Ms. Lynda Hong
Singapore Environment Council
Mak Yuen Teen
Prof. Mak Yuen Teen
Associate Professor
NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
Marco Cochrane
Mr. Marco Cochrane
Marco Cochrane Sculpture, Inc., USA
Marcos Athias Neto
Mr. Marcos Athias Neto
Director, Innovations and Development Alliances Group
Melissa Kwee
Ms. Melissa Kwee
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Singapore
Mildred Tan
Mrs. Mildred Tan
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Singapore
Mrinalini Venkatachalam
Ms. Mrinalini Venkatachalam
Programme Manager - Public Awareness and Youth Initiatives
Singapore Committee for UN Women
Naina Subberwal Batra
Ms. Naina Subberwal Batra
Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Singapore
Parminder Singh
Mr. Parminder Singh
Managing Director, Southeast Asia & India
Twitter Asia Pacific, Singapore
Poesy Liang
Ms. Poesy Liang
Artist & Founder
Helping Angels, Malaysia
Prapti Upadhyay
Ms. Prapti Upadhyay
Consultant - Philanthropy
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
Ramaswamy Akhileswaran
Dr. Ramaswamy Akhileswaran
HCA Hospice Care, Singapore
Ramya Nageswaran
Ms. Ramya Nageswaran
BridgeAble and Focus India Forum Giving Circle, Singapore
Rob John
Mr. Rob John
Visiting Senior Fellow
Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, NUS Business School, Singapore
Sandhya Chellapilla
Ms. Sandhya Chellapilla
Senior Manager - Partnership Development
ActionAid, India
Stefan Nachuk
Mr. Stefan Nachuk
Associate Director
Rockefeller Foundation, Thailand
Susan Sy
Ms. Susan Sy
Executive Director, Philanthropy & Values-based Investing, South Asia
UBS AG, Singapore
Suzy Hutomo
Ms. Suzy Hutomo
The Body Shop, Indonesia
Tao Ze
Mr. Tao Ze
Vice President
China Foundation Centre
Tara Dermott
Ms. Tara Dermott
Technical Project Leader
International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Thailand
Tariq Cheema
Mr. Tariq Cheema
World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, USA
Todd Stevens
Mr. Todd Stevens
Executive Director, Global Initiatives
Wildlife Conservation Society, USA
Trina Liang-Lin
Ms. Trina Liang-Lin
Singapore Committee for UN Women
Usha Menon
Ms. Usha Menon
Executive Chairman
Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), Singapore
Veronica Colondam
Ms. Veronica Colondam
Founder & CEO
YCAB Foundation, Indonesia
Von Hernandez
Mr. Von Hernandez
Executive Director
Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Philippines
Watanan Petersik
Mrs. Watanan Petersik
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore
Zhang Tingjun
Ms. Zhang Tingjun
Co-Founder & Director
The Chain Reaction Project

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.


Vince Lombardi