Encouraged by the positive momentum generated by the inaugural PIA2012, NVPC is looking forward in convening the upcoming PIA2014, bringing together the regional philanthropic community for exchange of opportunities, ideas, and practices.

PIA2014 will be bold and ground-breaking, with the aim of mobilising philanthropists and funders at the forefront of innovation to focusing on critical and more provoking issues that have regional impact.

Centering on the theme “Philanthropy Unlimited”, PIA2014 challenges philanthropy to break down barriers and silos, open up and introduce transparency and collaboration into its work. Using “unconference” methods, the Summit will call upon Asian philanthropy to examine issues that cannot be solved without collaboration, like human trafficking and the environment, through innovative and engaging facilitation for memorable and deeper insights. It will also showcase innovative and boundary-breaking examples of social initiatives to encourage the community to think “out of the box” to create more impactful giving.

Through PIA2014, we hope to mobilise the new wave of Asian philanthropic leadership that are impact-oriented, transparent and engaging, collaborative, and champions of philanthropic best practices.

This propels us to a future of Asia where prosperity is shared and communities are connected, such that philanthropy will reach its maximum impact through effective change, innovative solutions, transparency and collaboration.

Philanthropy is not about giving money, but about solving problems.