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About Philanthropy in Asia

Asia is hurtling through the world at high speed, creating wealth and developing opportunities in very unprecedented and dynamic ways. Yet, it remains home to two thirds of the world’s poorest population and to growing inequalities, creating a need for philanthropy more so today than ever before.

Philanthropy is not new to Asia; generous community leaders have play a pivotal role in contributing to the common good, acting as champions for social projects that no one else supported.

Today, the landscape of giving in Asia has changed – yet not in all ways. Old issues require new perspectives, while new issues have emerged. A growing number of Asians, influenced by globalisation and empowered by new possibilities, see themselves playing a greater role in contributing to the betterment of Asia and the world.

It is in this vein that the Philanthropy In Asia (PIA), a network-based strategic initiative, was established. This 2-yearly exclusive by invitation-only event aims to mobilise Asian philanthropy to be not just expressions of altruism, but further to being impactful and sustainable agents of change.

PIA’s mission is to be the platform for Asian philanthropy to network, learn, and collaborate in impactful and transformative giving. Our vision is that a new cadre of Asian Philanthropic leadership is impact-oriented, transparent and engaging, collaborative, and champions of best philanthropy practices.

Specifically, we hope to see PIA impact:

  1. The commitment from Asian philanthropists, foundations, and thought-leaders to impactful philanthropy;
  2. The formation of a vibrant, well-connected, multi-lateral, well-informed, and collaborative philanthropic community;
  3. The collaboration potential of strong relationships built from transparency, sharing, and interaction among this community.

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